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Financial Planning

Luca, Bonino & Associates, LLC offers a process designed with a goal of integrating your financial resources with your vision of personal fulfillment and confidence. The result is not a single, rigid, financial strategy, but a process in which your wealth is a tool used to help you work toward enjoying a better more fulfilling life.

Asset management typically only addresses half of the issues most people face, focusing only on rigid financial assets and objectives.

Luca, Bonino & Associates, LLC incorporates an innovative, comprehensive approach to managing your life and your wealth. We start by focusing on what you value before we look at the value of what you own. By viewing your goals in tandem with your dreams. We work with you to enhance our understanding of your needs and help you plan for financial independence.


Identify – Where do you want to go? How much time do you have? What dangers need to be identified and eliminated?

Analyze – What are you doing successfully right now? What can be improved? What opportunities need to be captured and leveraged?

Assess – What ideas, techniques, tools, and relationships do you need to get there? What are your strengths?

Implement – Implement, monitor, and update personalized strategies to help you get there

Review - Regularly review the process to ensure that we are right on track in working toward your goals.


Convenient - We do the “heavy lifting”, helping to sort through your documents, fill out forms and track down information

Customized - We’ll make modifications to your plan to address your planning preferences

Responsive - We strive to save you time and deliver our services in a timely fashion

Continuous - As decisions are made, your data is continually updated and available to you and select advisors that you specify. 

Available - Your plan is available to you via a personalized web page. Your documents can be securely vaulted and accessible to you from around the world

*Financial Planning offered through LPL Financial